Six Point Bios

Brendan Burch


Brendan Burch is the CEO and Executive Producer of Six Point Harness. Before co founding Six Point, he graduated from Cal Art’s Character Animation program in 2000. In 2009, after years of producing a high volume of work-for-hire projects, Brendan initiated an original content development program that begat Dick Figures, a wildly-successful, adult, animated, digital comedy series featuring two stick figure buddies. To date, Dick Figures has been viewed over 600 million times on Mondo Media’s YouTube channel. With the help of a record-setting Kickstarter campaign, Six Point Harness produced Dick Figures: The Movie, which launched in the top 20 films on iTunes.

Brendan also spearheaded the effort to develop and sell Apollo Gauntlet, an original series, to Adult Swim, which begins airing in 2017.  Additionally, Burch and his team landed an original R-rated feature, The Last Christmas, into development at Sony Pictures Animation. Throughout the years, Brendan has made a point of retaining a loyal, creative crew and together they fiercely maintain studio independence.

Greg Franklin

Creative Director

Greg Franklin is the creative director and a founding partner at 6 Point Harness. He’s known for directing the cult comic adaptation Prison Pit and The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie! as well as the animated segments from FOX’s Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey, Bobcat Goldthwait’s acclaimed documentary Call Me Lucky, Nickelodeon’s SpongeBob 2: Sponge Out Of Water, and the indie comedy Black Dynamite! As creative director at 6PH, he’s presided over several dozen hours of animated entertainment, including MTV’s Good Vibes, FOX’s Fringe, commercials for Metlife and Taco Bell, and many others. Franklin also animated a series of shorts for comedians Wyatt Cenac, Jerry Seinfeld, Louis CK, and Kyle Kinane. His latest projects are Adult Swim’s Apollo Gauntlet and DreamworksTV’s Lizzie, which he wrote and co-created.

Wendy Willis

Head of Development

Wendy Willis, a seasoned creative producer, serves as the Head of Development for Six Point Harness.  She has worked as a creative producer in both features and television for over a decade, selling both comedies and dramas to FX, Comedy Central, CBS, Sundance, HBO, Sundance, Fox, Adult Swim, TBS, Cartoon Network and Sony. Prior to joining Six Point Harness, Wendy served as a Development Executive at Mosaic where she oversaw a slate of projects under a first-look deal at HBO while also spearheading the company’s first theater project with Crescendo Productions. Previously, Wendy worked for Lorne Michaels at Saturday Night Live and at Mopo Productions where she was a producer on the Oscar-winning, short documentary, Twin Towers. She enjoys crappy tv some times, strong coffee and obsesses over what hair products might finally tame her crazy, curly mane.

Andy Fiedler

Head of Production

As the Head of Production for Six Point Harness, Andy has overseen 300+ projects. Starting as production manager on The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie, Andy was soon after given oversight of all Six Point Harness projects. Hailing from a live action background, Andy has produced, directed and supervised film and TV on both a managerial and executive level. At Six Point Harness, Andy served as the Supervising Producer on 12 half hours of MTV’s Good Vibes, and a Producer on Dick Figures: The Movie and Johnny Ryan’s Prison Pit: Book One short. Prior to Six Point Harness, Fiedler served as the Production Supervisor at Tom Lynch Company. Andy earned a BFA in Film Production at Chapman University.  Rarely seen without his signature beard, in some circles he’s known as “your local, friendly lumberjack”.

Dave Vamos

Head of Studio Operations / Executive Producer

Dave is a founding member of Six Point Harness where he serves as the Head of Studio Operations, while concurrently acting as an Executive Producers on special projects. Prior to his current role, Dave worked on a number of pilots at Six Point Harness, including AggroNuts, Phil Hendrie and Dirt Squirrel, as well as the WB series Drew Carey’s Green Screen Show. Drawn to projects which combine artistic talent, computer knowledge and technical skill, Dave is the creator of Seeing Eye Dog, a show optioned by Walt Disney Television, and has also worked for Warner Brothers Animation and Disney Toon Studios. He is a graduate of SUNY/New Paltz and Vancouver Film School’s traditional animation program. Prior to his career in animation, Dave wrote and illustrated Glimpses of the Unexceptional, a cartoon that ran in the Los Angeles Alternative Press, and worked with live dynamite to control avalanches in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Tony Christopherson

Head of Post Production

Tony Christopherson is Head of Post Production at Six Point Harness, while also acting as the Lead Editor and Compositor. Since joining the team in 2007, Tony has supervised post production on hundreds of projects including FOX’s Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, a Spongebob Squarepants 3D feature film, and a Taco Bell commercial. Born and raised in Minnesota, Tony received a BFA in Animation from the Minneapolis College of Art & Design before moving to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of working on a taco commercial. In his spare time, Tony enjoys watching wrestling with his small, handsome dog(son) Terry Onions; his favorite wrestler is Mr. Perfect (RIP).

Saharat “Sah” Tantivaranyoo

Art Director

Saharat Tantivaranyoo serves as an Art Director for Six Point Harness. Sah was the lead designer for Fox’s Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey and Tom Hanks’ Electric City, and a lead character layout artist on The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water. In his spare time, Sah plays with Legos, works on classic Japanese muscle cars and watches space documentaries.

Angelo Vilar

Art Director

Angelo Vilar began his career at Six Point Harness, where he now serves as an Art Director. Vilar’s many project credits include his work as a Background Designer on MTV’s Good Vibes, and a Character Designer on Tom Hank’s Electric City. Angelo has also worked for other studios including Warner Bros. Animation, Goldieblox, Ghostbot Inc., Reebok and Nickelodeon Animation. In no particular order, Angelo enjoys long walks with his wife, sneaker design, photographing food and playing video games.