Los Angeles based Six Point Harness is both a world-class producer of animated content and a trusted resource for top-shelf animation for all platforms. The 6PH team is known for their thoughtful development skills, technical knowledge, sleek production pipeline and broad range of creative styles.

6PH has been in business for over thirteen years. Notable projects include Tom Hank’s Electric City, Fox’s Cosmos, MTV’s Good Vibes, and Paramount’s Sponge Bob Movie. The studio also created the hit online series Dick Figures in 2012 and that led to the independent release of The Dick Figures Movie. It was a huge success!

More recently, 6PH developed and sold a show for Adult Swim called Apollo Gauntlet that aired its first season in 2017. The studio’s development team is busy with many other projects currently set up at various studios and networks.



Launched in 2012, Rug Burn Channel is a joint venture between Six Point Harness and Titmouse Studios. The two studios deliver weekly programming to a growing list of subscribers. Breakout original properties include the highly popular Axe Cop and Dogsnack, from Dick Figures Co-Creator Ed Skudder. New properties are being added to the channel almost monthly! See for yourself at Rugburn.

6 Point Media

6 Point Media’s commercial projects include an ongoing campaign for MetLife Term Life Insurance as well as recent promotions for McDonald’s Dollar Meals, Taco Bell’s Doritos Locos Tacos, Kool-Aid’s partnership with Hasbro’s THE HUB and toy projects for Bandai. The 6 Point Media’s roster includes Six Point Harness’ strongest in-house directors as well as an array of directing talent from all around the animation industry.

6 Point 2

Six Point 2 is the separate corporation created by Six Point Harness as its IATSE union signatory entity. It was formed to provide high-end production for networks that require union production. Utilizing an efficient pipeline, Six Point 2 helps keep more animation production in Los Angeles while providing an opportunity for union crew to work in the environment of an innovative independent studio.